Is Your Adrenals Messing with Your Hormonal Health? Get Cortisol back into Circadian Rhythm!

In episode 1 of our WMN’s Flow + Ritual podcast, we discussed adrenal fatigue and cortisol dysregulations effect on our hormonal system. You can listen to more details along with easy and adaptable tips here.

Throughout the day, each glad in your body maintains its own circadian rhythm. You might barely notice the changes until your adrenal glands are off. Then you can feel more intensely when your hormones are active and when they are at rest. Cortisol is a part of the circadian connection and meant to secrete throughout the day in a rhythm fashion. There is a natural high surge of cortisol in the morning, called cortisol awaking response. This is to help you wake up and get going. As the day progresses, your cortisol tapers. At about midnight, your cortisol reaches a point where your body innately can restore, detox, and repair while you are asleep.

However, with chronic stress, our adrenals can be secreting cortisol during parts of the day when it would normally be dropping off. Your brain and body can get stuck in survival mode. Cortisol takes priority over all other functions in your body because your body wants to survive before anything else, even reproduction. Your body adapts and, over time, your cortisol surges come later and later. This is when you might see yourself becoming a night-owl and can’t fall asleep without medicated help. Being aware of cortisol rhythms and effects is essential for hormonal and mental health.

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