Nicole is a Reproductive and Trauma Psychotherapy Coach using food and meditation as medicine to change the way in thinking about women’s mental and hormonal health. Her passion is to have women feel their power and provide the tools to be their own healers.

Clients I support with natural hormonal care are:

Period Symptoms: ovulation, transitioning off the pill, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, irregular or missing periods, mood swings, and much more

Pregnant/Fertility: IVF, fertility issues, healthier pregnancy, and healthier conception

Perimenopause issues and other issues: adrenal fatigue, sugar imbalances and emotional eating

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Clients supported with women’s psychology coaching are:

Complex Childhood Trauma, Sexual Trauma and Other Trauma Issues

Infertility, IVF, Endometriosis, and Maternal Mental Health

Intimacy, Sexuality and Sexual Health Issues

Anxiety, Depression and Life Stressors

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“Before meeting with Nicole, I was bleeding throughout the month and my emotions were on a rollercoaster. I was doctor hopping with no answers. After a polyp was removed I came to Nicole. Her program along with her gentle ear yet firm compassion guided me in healing hormonal imbalances. Not only are my hormones balanced, but I have gained the education that I should have received as a child! I know how my hormones work and how to take care of myself. And, I have learned a lot about myself - how to access my pleasure and have a more relaxed lifestyle.” - Alexia, San Francisco

“Working with Nicole has been life saving for myself and my family. She has taught me how to heal my PCOS and prepare my body for pregnancy. She empowered me to know my body and with her help, I’ve been able to turn my health around and nourish my body and my new baby. What was wonderfully unexpected was Nicole’s guidance in healing deeper emotional traumatic wounds from childhood. Nicole is insightful and talented in healing traumatic wounds and making you empowered at the same time. I’m excited to live my life through the lense of self-care. My anxiety and PMS has become a distant memory and I feel calm and centered in my power.” - Batsheva,Tel Aviv

*Skype sessions provided for international clients

Nicole Ohebshalom, RN, PCC, HHC, RYT sessions and programs only use her women’s health coach training. However, she attended NYU for clinical counseling psychology with specific training in women’s trauma. She’s a Registered Nurse that worked in infertility and endocrinology. She is certified meditation/yoga teacher, reiki master and women’s health coach.