Womb Meditation for Fertility

Womb Connection Meditation for Fertility

We will begin with breathing in and then letting go and relaxing on the out breath. And then take another deep breath in right from the bottom of your belly and relaxing and letting go of any tensions and concerns with the out breath. And let’s take one more deep breath in together and relaxing on the out breath. So, I invite you to breath fully and deeply in your own time. Be aware of any sensations that you notice without judgement and bring yourself right here, right now. There is nothing you need to do. Except relax and receive this gift. So now imagine the earth beneath you, so solid and grounded. The earth is so stable, nurturing and fertile. Imagine the different layers of soil, rocks and boulders. Dark and moist, a strong foundation underneath you. Imagine connecting with that rich grounded earth energy and breath it up. Have a sense of being held by the earth. Allow yourself to breath in that nourishing, calming, earthly energy, which is really grounding and connecting. Lets breath that in – deeply now.

Move your awareness to the very top of your head, to the crown of the head. Feel an expansion and opening to the sky. Having a real experience of that expansion around you – the openness and lightness all around you.  Opening up to that connection that is all around us and knowing when we are in our stillness, we can feel all around us and receive guidance that can flow through.

Now, I invite you to put one or two hands on your womb. With your next breath in, breath really deeply down into your pelvic bowl filling up your womb space with fresh air and fresh energy and releasing. Then again, breathing deeply into your womb space and letting go. As you breath, you bring your awareness into your womb area. Just allow yourself to feel what arises and have a sense: What does it feel like in your womb? Do you feel anything? Do you feel a sense of warmth or coolness? Or any color? It’s okay if it’s not clear. Just bring your attention to your womb. Just come into presence and keep breathing deep, connecting with your womb space. Imagine any memories and stories that your womb holds. Any feelings, any emotions. Knowing that your womb is alive and receptive. That womb receives energy. That womb holds memories. Imagine where you are in your cycle right now. Is your womb feeling full. Is your womb feeling empty. Is she somewhere in-between. Feel what is true for you and allow yourself to feel whatever arises. Did you want to ask of anything of your womb? What is your womb needing? Knowing that she is intimately connected with your feminine power. What are you needing as a woman? And be quiet and allow what comes. Trust any messages or feelings that come to you from your womb. Ground in your womb area, feeling the connection between your womb and the earth. There is a resonance between your womb and the earth below you.

In your daily life, you can bring your awareness into your womb to ground you more deeply in your body and more deeply in your feminine energy. Giving thanks to your womb. Allow yourself to receive wisdom or messages that your womb has shared with you today. Bring your awareness back into the space that you are in.