Your Breakfast Can Turn Your Hormonal Health Around

It can be hard to imagine but breakfast can be instrumental to rebalancing your hormones. In this post, why will discuss why and what kinds of breakfasts can make the difference.

Many of us grew up eating breakfasts filled with carbs and sugar, such as croissants, jams, cereal, and yogurt. When we consume carbs and sugar in the morning then a few hours later we experience a sugar dip. At this time, you might feel moody, shaky and hungry. This is the time we reach out for more sugar, carbs and coffee in order to boost our energy.

Sugar is pilling on into your diet throughout the day so you can stay in this drop and rise energy cycle. You become dependent on sugar.

Sugar dips and sugar addiction contribute stress to the body. When the body is in any form of stress, cortisol is released by the adrenal glands. Adrenal gland exhaustion causes moodiness, exhaustion, sickness and wreaks havoc on the sex hormones.  

So what can you do for breakfast?

1.       Eat real foods!

That means, sorry to say this, but no protein bars. They are filled with, drum-roll please – sugar! The focus is on real and fresh foods. Our bodies need to digest and metabolize fresh food that are nutrient-filled and taste delicious.  

2.       Load up your breakfast with protein, fat and fiber!

 Staring your breakfast this way will prevent the effects of sugar crashes and adrenal fatigue. Your sugar levels will be sustained so you will feel more focused and grounded in your day. Many people report weight loss, high energy, clear skin, better sleep and no PMS. This is just from changing your breakfast because it balances many hormonal systems in your body.



Mornings are busy so here is an easy meal for you to put together. Cook ground lamb, beef or chicken using ghee or coconut oil.  In a separate dish, mustard green salad, almonds, avocado and sauerkraut.

The ghee and coconut oil are a precursor to the precursors for steroid hormones.

Sauerkraut are a great probiotic that will help with estrogen regulation.

Mustard Greens are nutrient-packed and estrogen regulators

Avocado are anti-inflammatory, sugar balancing and nutrient dense.