Be You


I help women who are ready to discover their true nature, find their deepest purpose and offer both as gifts to the world.


The true you is not the girl who strives hard to be good, pretty, tough, fully, smart, and hard working in order to light up the eyes of others. 

She is the WOMAN who…

is motivated by the call of her heart. She knows what she needs to do, even if it’s unpopular. She trusts that she will be fulfilled by following her desires. She sees herself as a part of a larger whole.

Therapy can help you . . .

  • Identify and transform old wounds that keep you stuck.
  • Notice how you protect yourself from feeling vulnerable.
  • Access internal resources that offer you a sense of wholeness.
  • Open to freedom and truth over comfort.
  • Source a sense of self that is rooted in love.
  • Discover your authentic expression that is unencumbered by your mind and ego.
  • Find your true purpose.
  • Integrate your unique calling into your day-to-day life

I believe that therapy is not just a path to feeling better, it is a path to living a better life. When we feel “good enough”, when we feel loving and lovable, when we feel whole and know that there is nothing “wrong” with us, we free up an amazing amount of energy not only to be who we are but also to see beyond ourselves. 

Healing ourselves and our relationships are powerful ways to acknowledge our less conscious, destructive behaviors and take a more conscious role in how we live and act. The impact of that newfound awareness ripples outward from our selves and our romantic partnerships, to have a positive influence on our careers, our relationships with family and friends, and our local and global community. When we begin to shift from being primarily concerned with meeting our own needs to recognizing our connection to other people, places, and living beings, we are naturally inspired to serve and protect them as well. 

Beginning with intake we will work together to identify the desired places of change, rediscover resiliency and strength and set a course of treatment to get you feeling and living better.  Initial intake of 80 minutes required for first session.

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