Expand Your Vitality



Private sessions are designed to build a steady practice and the meditations will be chosen to meet your personal goals. Some focuses include breaking through blocks to access your prosperity and power, clarity and intuition, healing hormonal imbalances, becoming pregnant, motherhood, and healing trauma. Please email for more information.


Please email me for private healing sessions which includes suggestions to build a meditation practice that focuses on your personal goals. Distant healing is available.



Reiki is a gentle and yet profoundly ancient and powerful energy healing technique. It is both healing for the giver and the receiver. In this class you will receive:

  • The attunements needed to become a Reiki I practitioner

  • Reiki handbook including technique, history, definitions and other helpful tools

  • Be led through meditation and guided visualization exercises to help ground and clear your self and your space

  • Be able to give a treatment and receive a treatment during class

  • A certificate of participation


The next level of attunements to learn how to use the three main symbols used for more focused healing sessions. These symbols have been handed down and can bring significant healing. You will learn how to do distance Reiki on others. Yes, you can do Reiki on someone when they are not present and it can be just as powerful.

You must have taken a Reiki I class to receive Reiki II certification

Reiki Master/Level III, interview is required.