Radiant Women Lab | Source The Strength In You


It’s time for us as women to step out of victimhood and into our inherent radiance.        

These courses are all about you, in relationship with you—but when you turn your attention inward, it quickly radiates outwards into your work relationships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and all aspects of your life.

Through this workshop series, in sisterhood we will create a new self-concept and real beauty of every women. Radiant beauty is from the inside out. These yoga + meditation workshops are heavily content based and go deep into the Women's Teachings on radiance, grace, and practical skills in how to be a powerful woman. You will learn many tools and practices to tap into the most creative beam of a radiant and graceful version of you. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you could leverage the qualities of the feminine—many of which we’ve been conditioned to shut down and ignore—like intuition, creativity, sensuality, emotional range, and more.


Illuminate Your Radiance. Activate Your Royalty. 


These courses are experiential education to help you tap into new depths of creativity, purpose and unshakable power.  All classes are live because women imprint on each other in subtle ways. We will connect in unique ways including meditating together, dancing together and singing together. Women's healing is the most important because we carry life whether we choose to do it or not. We dictate the vibrational frequency of the future. In these workshops and being together, all of our innate skills start to inspire each other - our unique creativity and unique innate abilities to be ourselves.