Reproductive and Trauma Psychotherapy Coach

By starting therapeutic coaching you are courageously taking responsibility for yourself and acting on hope for a better life. I help you to become more of who you are at your core. My job is to be an independent champion for you. To help you sift through your thoughts, emotions and actions to get to what isn’t working for you which allows you to make the necessary changes. We all have one life and the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to live it to the best we possibly can. I’m honored to walk and guide you through this process of becoming the stronger and happier version of yourself.

Working from an integrative framework, I take mind, body, and spirit into account as we approach your difficulties together. Being human is difficult sometimes. Anxiety, complicated families and relationships, sexual traumas, fertility issues, loss, new motherhood and pregnancy - can be a lot to manage. The unique healing power of therapy can be incredibly helpful in navigating what’s difficult and getting reconnected to all the good parts of life. My goal is to provide you with the experience of working through your challenges with the support, understanding, and perspective of another person who has your best interest at heart as you find your own answers. My client’s can count on me for an honest relationship. They know where I stand, can trust me to be real with them, and know that they matter to me. Sometimes therapeutic coaching is painful, sometimes it’s enjoyable, but I like to think that, together, we always make it worthwhile. I’m honored to have a role in helping you to be better, choose better, love better, and therefore, feel better.

My main therapeutic trainings stem from NYC’s Institute of Contemporary Trauma Studies, NYU’s Trauma and VIolence Interdisciplinary program, The Listening Guide, Seleni’s Maternal Mental Health, and Gottman’s Couples Therapy. I’ve also taken multiple courses within the practices of Internal Family Systems, Depth Humanistic Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Also, I have training in using meditation and yoga for mental health.

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