Mental Health Coaching


I’ve dedicated my work to women.

I received my Masters in Clinical Counseling with a certification in Interdisciplinary studies in Trauma and Violence from New York University. I was trained at NYC’s Institute of Contemporary Psychology’s trauma study center, where I focused on working on women’s trauma. Since then, I’ve worked in other therapeutic platforms related to women and/or trauma.  I researched under Carol Gilligan, Ph.D. at NYU and then continued my research as a Visiting Scholar at Tel Aviv University. Currently, I’m completing my grant-funded project that studies, “Eastern-Western Women’s Sexual-Self Concept” using the Listening Guide Methodology.  I am interested in a woman’s self-concept as she develops and navigates between two hyphen identities, including negotiating her voice, silence, shame and resilience with herself, her body and her relationships. I’ve published in topics related to culture, trauma and women. Before becoming a therapist, I worked for Regena Thomashauer and Hari Kaur Khalsa, in which I intertwine the work focused on women’s pleasure, sensitivity and spirituality into my sessions. Self-celebration is the antidote.


My coaching work weaves together many modalities. My goal is to collaborate with you to pattern healthier and new ways of being in relationship with yourself and others. I am psychodynamic, feminist and humanistic while using evidenced-based practices such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy. My clients can count on me for an honest relationship. They can trust me to be real with them and know that they matter to me. I’m honored to have a role in helping my clients feel better.