Preconception Program


The Six-Month Preconception Program

Women’s health in pregnancy can determine whether the next generation experiences allergies, asthma, diabetes, learning difficulties, autoimmune disease and even more. These preemptive changes can be prevented before conception. In the last three decades, environmental health studies has shown evidence that environmental toxins are playing a huge role in the health conditions in the United States. As a result of chemical exposure, at least 30% of children have asthma and 5% cancer. From conception on, our newborns get more than our genes. They receive a toxic stream of chemicals that have accumulated throughout our lives and exposed to them in pregnancy.

In addition, the rates of infertility are increasing with 1 in 6 women struggle with fertility. There has been a 40% increase of women having difficulty conceiving from 1982 to 2002. Research has shown that decreasing environmental toxins and improving fertility through food can help.

There has been research showing that detoxifying done within a few months of conception might mobilize stored toxins into the bloodstream making them more likely to enter the developing baby’s circulation at a vulnerable time. Therefore, timing becomes very important. Detoxifying before pregnancy is not safe or appropriate.

Therefore, this program is for women starting 6 months prior to the planned conception, allowing 3 months between the end of detoxing and when you get pregnant.

You can optimize your fertility and become a mother!

In this program, you’ll learn to boost your hormonal health using food based protocols to balance your hormones, easy guide to remove chemical exposures, enhance your liver’s detoxification system and remove energy blocks to conception.

Step 1   Preparing your mind and soul for conscious conception.

Step 2   Balance your hormones with food-based protocols

Step 3   Detoxification for Conception

Wait 3 months from ending the detoxification to conception


What’s included in the Preconception Program?

*3 content-rich mp3 so you can listen from anywhere and with any device. You’ll have me teaching you exactly what’s going on in your body and action steps to make positive change. Plus, 3 full transcripts so you can study with your highlighter and take notes.

*Each module comes with a packet of worksheets and assignments, so the entire step-by-step actionable steps are easier for you throughout your healing process.

*Free access to Preconception Program Facebook community to connect, share and learn with other women.

 *Lifetime access to this curriculum. Review the material whenever you need. Free access to any updated and additional material to the program after you purchase it.