The time has come to gather globally as women to be in tuned to the rhythms with the cycles of nature to align ourselves mind, body and soul to heal, transform, celebrate and be in sovereignty with our power. As women we are continually re-writing our history and legacy, now is the time to be in tuned with our natural cycle and body. Now is the time for wholeness.

During our month together, you will learn:

  • Learn the way your hormones work in each phase and the way they become imbalanced so you can take steps to heal root cause symptoms.

  • Flow by living in synch with the emotional and cognitive effects of your hormones at home, work and relationships.

  • Learn to eat properly so your body has the correct micronutrients for each phase of the cycle.

  • Practice Women’s meditations to feel centered, radiant and motivated to live the life you want. There will also be meditations that heal hormonal imbalances.


  • 5 Global Video-calls with Nicole and the Global group

  • Booklets with shopping lists, instructions and lifestyle tips for each phase of the cycle

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Check-in Partner to keep you motivated and accountable

Investment: $180