monthly cleanse: guide for hormonal nutrition


Learn how to eat and take care of your body according to the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle. Your body was made to be in balance and her talent is doing just that! The protocol in this program give you the foundational education to work with your body. You’ll have a deeper understanding of your emotions and feelings in each stage of the cycle. You will know which exercises are most helpful during each stage.

This program is based from healing the ecology of women’s health since changing your hormonal health will impact other organs and systems. In one month, you will optimize your natural detoxification function to properly remove hormones and hormone-mimicking substances. You will begin optimizing inflammatory cascades along with healthy gut to decrease PMS symptoms, such as pelvic pain, headaches and exhaustion. You will figure out your food sensitivities and get rid of inflammatory symptoms such as eczema. This program will break down how to care for your cycle in a step-by-step protocol.


Who does this help?  This program is helpful for women on birth control, perimenopause, fatigued and frazzled, painful and irregular periods, missing period, cyclical acne, hormonal headaches, ovulation pain and spotting, mood swings, food intolerance and sensitivities and women that want to listen to their body and follow a natural cycle.


What’s included?

A content-rich book with action-steps for each stage of the cycle.

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