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  • Dog Patch Dance 435 23rd Street San Francisco, CA, 94110 United States (map)


Women bodies are delicate but powerful instruments and keeping balance can be quite a challenge in stressful environments and trying to find time for yourself. By balancing hormones we can enhance our libido, sex drive, and creativity.

This workshop will discuss the various reasons women feel separated (you never are!) or low libido. Low sex drive and lack of desire is a much more complicated issue than the typical diagnosis of exhaustion. Depletion from sex drive can be hormone imbalances, side effects from medication, relationship troubles, previous trauma, and depression. 

We will also discuss the concept of sexuality and redefine the way libido can affect our lives. We will expand our definition of sexuality and libido to one that includes inner calmness, self-expression, creativity, and more. 

Libido is also directly linked to having a healthy relationship with food instead of being in the rollercoaster of food urges, using your voice and living an authentic creative life instead of silencing yourself.


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