PMS: A Blessing, Not a Curse (2010)

During PMS, most women resist their natural hormonal cycle.  My dream is instead of women dreading their cramps; it could become a compass that navigates ones emotions, needs and desires.  PMS then becomes a gateway to a deeper understanding of one self, which builds empowerment for every women, men and children.

In the land of medical and scientific books there is a big question mark around PMS treatments.  Why? Because the connection between a woman with her hormones, her emotions and intuition have many layers.  Many women experience the height of their PMS a few days before they bleed, which is the time in your cycle when progesterone increases.  The increase in progesterone signals the body and mind that it’s quiet time to turn inward. 

Many women become sad, anxious, and angry at this time and feel there is no reason for these “bad” feelings.  But there are many reasons.  This is a time you naturally begin to evaluate and reflect the difficult aspects of life that were ignored on a daily basis.  Maybe you didn’t speak openly with a friend, or your finances aren’t organized or you have no passion in your career.  The increase of progesterone allows a women to pay attention to her life through a deep connection and self understanding of what she wants.  I feel we are so lucky that our bodies create a monthly opportunity to reflect and brainstorm about our desires.

A women’s body is more intelligent than we can every understand.  To me, it’s remarkable how a hormonal increase can create a deeper connection to oneself and her desires.  Personally, I have grown to love my PMS because it’s a time for me to observe my emotions and see what I really want to change and create in life for the next month.  So, let’s create health, movement, and happiness with ease.  

A few steps to begin or continue your journey:

1.  Journaling can help you create the change you desire during times of PMS.  When you feel angry or have cramps, here are some great questions to guide you through:

            –  What is your body trying to tell you?

            –  What is coming up for you at this time?

            –  If you find yourself breaking down, what’s triggering you?

               What is it your body is trying to reveal to you?

2.  The foods you eat will create more balance or havoc with your hormones.  If I could give just one suggestion it would be- Avoid Sugar! It creates disorder on your insulin, adrenal and liver levels.  This includes all “White Stuff” such as rice, white flour, pasta, cereal, and bread. 

3.  This article is about honoring the wisdom of a women’s menstrual cycle- including her emotions, body, and desires. I try to create a fun and sacred ritual on the first day.  Sometimes I sleep late, light a candle to welcome my deep wisdom or place a warm bottle on my stomach.  Even five minutes of connection will create a deeper inner-peace during this time of your cycle.

Hormonal balance is everything in life- from how you eat to how you relate to yourself and the outside world.  By gaining knowledge, creating balance and finding inner-peace with PMS you’ll connect deeper with being and living as an abundant women.